Eligibility Requirements

Be a single parent.

Marital Status: You are a single parent, widowed, divorced, or separated (and your divorce is almost final).

Parenting Status: you are the custodial parent or guardian with physical custody of at least one dependent child (a dependent child is 18 years or younger, older than 18 and still in high school).

Living Status: You are the only adult in the house with a child, or you live with your parents or relative(s).

Demonstrate financial need for assistance

*Please read above before you apply for this scholarship.

(All information must be included or the application will not be reviewed.)

Proof of Income

Personal Story

Proof of Residency

Proof of enrollment/registration in the extracurricular activity (this is only need for Extracurricular Activities Scholarship)

Letter of Recommendation

Family Photo

Check out Testimonies!

Your support help put smiles on the faces of a lot of people

“Thank you so much! We were able to get groceries and toiletries with their help.”


“The support that is rendered is a blessing for single mothers and fathers to let us know we are not alone.”


"This is a wonderful gesture and I am excited to give and help during my free time.”


Let's Help Others With Your Charity